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About Projectos e Obras de Arquitectura Paisagista

Putting Ideas into Practice

Projectos e Obras de Arquitectura Paisagista was founded in São Paulo in 2000, and has since grown into a renowned firm of talented professionals who believe in creating innovative and sustainable designs.

Through our bespoke spaces, we strive to find the perfect balance between comfort, practicality and beauty. Our goal is not only to create beautiful structures, but to improve lives. Our work is mostly based in the São Paulo area, but we are willing to travel across the world to spread our vision and take part in interesting projects. Contact us to learn what we’re able to accomplish.

Our Team

The People Who Make It Happen

We pride ourselves on having a team of architects that are professional, passionate and creative. Their ideas shape the direction of our company and ensure a unique approach to each one of our projects. Read on to learn more about our incredible team and their areas of expertise.

Smiling Businessman

D. Correia

Project Director

One of the defining qualities of D. Correia is their commitment to our brand identity. They understand the essence of our company and translate it seamlessly into their designs. Each project reflects our core values, telling a unique story that resonates with our clients.

Smiling Man with Glasses

T. Quintino

General Manager

T. Quintino is known by carefully considering the needs and desires of each one of our clients. Their designs strike a perfect balance between functionality, sustainability, and visual appeal, creating spaces that are both practical and inspiring.

Smiling Young Woman

A. Barbosa

Office Administrator

Our experienced Office Administrator is known for their ability to deliver stunning and innovative projects. From ideation to conceptualization, everything turns out better when A. Barbosa is involved.


Valued Collaborations

Who We’ve Worked With

Since starting in 2000, we’ve helped companies and individuals with bringing their visions to life. From residential to commercial to industrial projects, we’ve done them all. When it comes to quality, some people know to go with the very best. We welcome you to do the same. Learn more about our past clients below.

Client 3


Smart Architecture

Targo chose us after visiting one of our notable landmark projects. Following a long period of design and planning, the building process finally got underway and they couldn’t be happier with the final outcome.

Client 5


Incredible Results

Some clients who approach us are not sure what they’d like done, but Hera knew exactly what they were looking for. We designed an entirely new space that would suit their needs and requirements and are pleased to say that they were very happy with the results.

Client 6


Detailed Design

Machados were looking to make a few small touch-ups and changes to their space. However, after seeing what our team was able to do in such a short amount of time, they decided to go ahead and renovate the entire space.

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